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Choose the right oil for car maintenance cost no longer "grinding" - Hanking Lube
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Choose the right oil for car maintenance cost no longer “grinding”

In the month of September, we will enter the second half of the car-buying boom, a car purchase may be a moment’s decision, but car ownership is a long-term commitment. For the new owners who will own their first car, are you ready for car maintenance?

Dr Mobil wishes to tell you two or three things to know about new car maintenance.

The beginning of the new car driving 5000 km or so often called perseverance to just buy a new car, home period is an important and special process: the car in the power system for each part of the metal contact surface micro also uneven or have burrs, parts fit clearance is not uniform, at this stage, will wear off small bump on parts, let all the moving parts fit clearance more closely, more smooth movement.


The role of oil
During the running course of the new car in oil anti-wear requirements is very high, because with the engine internal clearance, they are less likely to form a smooth lubricating oil film, resulting in some areas lack of lubrication, causing wear and may even cause tile burning, cylinder and other serious consequences.


How to choose the suitable oil?
In general, choose the oil with low viscosity which provides excellent abrasion resistance. Oil with smaller viscosity has better liquidity and is cleaner. Thus, this aspect helps with the heat dissipation and removal of fine particles.

Abrasion occurswhen there is friction between metal. The lubricating oil’s ability to avoid wear between the metalsin contact.Better abrasion resistance helps the engine to run smoothly.

Small Tips: Dr Mobil suggests that according to the user manual, a new car which has been driven for the first 2000-3000 km should have its oil changed as part of maintenance.

Also for vehicle maintenance and season. September is about to fall, but still some cities’ remaining, in the face of change garments according to the season, the novice small white also want to get well prepared.


What is the role of oil?
First, the engine is constantly under a high temperature environment all year round, including the summer heat which has brought some challenges to the engine and engine oil. High temperature can increase the oil’s thermal decomposition, oxidation and polymerization.

At the same time, the summer dry dust or moisture in the air will be taken in through the air intake system and the crank case vent into the engine oil pan. Inside, these pollutants combine with oxides, easily forming sludge in oil and changing the composition of the lubricant. In order to better protect the engine and oil, high temperature resistance is very important.


How to choose the suitable oil?
Many of the basic oil products are catered for the four seasons as private cars usually do not need oil of special viscosity. If the city’s climate is very different, one can consider oil of 40 viscosity grade for summer and 30 viscosity grade for winter. These will help protect the vehicle in the different temperature environments.

Dr Mobil suggestions: at present the stop-and-go vehicle city, idle, insufficient engine fuel combustion in cylinder, the engine oil sludge and carbon deposition. Especially in the summer of car, it is suggested that can shorten the cycle of oil change appropriately.

Its is also inevitable that every new car will become “old” one day. Hence, what are the maintenance strategy adjustments for an old car and how should it be done?


What is the role of oil?
As a car ages,drivers need to reconsider their driving habits, and use proper oil to maintain their cars’ performance. High viscosity oil can give engine parts more protection and is suitable for high temperature for engines running for an extended period of time.On the other hand, the low viscosity oil may be more fuel-efficient and increases engine speed.


How to choose the suitable oil?
Considering the engine wear normal consumption, mating surface gap get bigger, the use of oil viscosity, should also be as the growth of the old and slow. Generally, within the first 50000 kilometers mileage of a car, it is recommended to use relatively low viscosity oil.After 50000 km, slowly increase the viscosity of engine oil so that it is receives the appropriate protection.