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Diesel engine oil metamorphism with five reasons - Hanking Lube
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Diesel engine oil metamorphism with five reasons

Diesel engine oil metamorphism in the daily is a very common fault, but if not timely found that affect the use of diesel engine, lead to not work properly. So small make up according to many years of experience in diesel engine repair summary for you “diesel engine oil metamorphism five reasons:


Diesel engine oil metamorphism analysis:

Under normal use, due to the oil in diesel engine oil pan is exposed to air is heated, so will gradually be oxidation. As the acid in oil, gelatin, iron filings, asphaltene increased slowly, the oil’s color turned black, viscosity decreased gradually, thus the oil change period, a new oil should be replaced. Due to the exchange world oil phase, there is no unified regulation, so choose what brand of lubricating oil, when to change, how change should comply with the provisions of the manufacturer. For engineering mechanical diesel engine, the practice shows that the oil continuous use time in more than 400 h, the replacement of a new oil as well.


If sometimes oil change soon, oil quick deterioration, color change from blue to yellow, or black, first after suddenly became gray. It is because the infiltration of moisture in the oil, the oil pan of oil into the water, due to the vibration of the diesel engine, the moving parts of stirring and other factors, such as fever, oil and water together and become yellow or gray, substantially reducing the engine oil lubrication ability.


Oil in water, can promote the formation of oil sludge, accelerate the oil metamorphism. Also depress the antioxidant properties of the additives and dispersion performance, promote the formation of bubbles, causing emulsification, destroyed the oil film. Practice has proved that when the moisture content of 1%, part wear rate increased by 2.5 times.


Diesel engine oil metamorphism 5 cause analysis:

1. The diesel oil mixed with water, the oil brand use undeserved, can also lead to diesel oil used in the early metamorphism. So when choose, can replace the low grade oil with high grade product.


2. Poor crankcase oil cooling with air permeability is between piston and cylinder piston ring with seal, but diesel engine work, always hard to avoid can have some burning gases into the crankcase. If the piston ring serious wear and tear, this phenomenon is more serious. As a result, the gas pressure inside the crankcase rises namely, if the pressure is higher than the outside air pressure inside the crankcase, which is on the piston have certain resistance, and can make the oil from the oil pan and leakage of cylinder block attaches to the outside. In addition, because carbon dioxide is contained in gas leaking into the crankcase, can make the oil deterioration. To prevent the occurrence of the above situation, only make the gas inside the crankcase pressure equals the atmospheric pressure with the outside world. Mount ventilation tube (also called straw), can make the crankcase internal and external pressure in a state of equality.


The survey found that some use personnel insufficient understanding of the importance of the crankcase ventilation.


In a 4135 diesel engine as an example, after the lost oil flap, with cotton yarn, cloth jams, or for fear of the crankcase into ashes, encase with plastic sheeting oil filler, bound to lead to the results from the cylinder, piston, piston ring an escape of gas channeling crankcase cannot eduction, as to make the oil in the short term the oxidation.


3. The leakage of installed oil filter sealing washer in a 4125 diesel engine as an example, oil coarse filter sealing washer, is to prevent the oil is not filtered, directly into the oil rate. Its location should be between inside, outside the filter, and the filter top notch filter outside the bottom orifice outside and inside. If the ring packing, that will cause oil dirty off quickly.


4. Maintain undeserved in the process of cleaning crank case, if the oil filter and oil cooler cleaning is not thorough, the diesel engine after adding new oil, even with only a few hours will become dirty and dark. In addition, if the oil filter filter clogging or damaged and not in time to clean or replace, will also make oil deterioration due to filtration ability weakened.


Practice has proved that in front of the oil changes with a bottle of the Winchester chemical fuel company specializing in the preparation of its oil cleaning tackifier, make a thorough cleaning and maintenance for diesel engine. And then a bottle of wing is added to the new oil in the oil to strengthen additive, will be made good use effect.


5. Use the method error in the process of diesel engine operation, if the machine such as high temperature regularly or often overload operation, oil will be prompted for the oil temperature is too high and the oxidation. In addition, if the diesel engine oil in dusty place and work, also easily lead to more and more dust into the oil from the air