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Do note to avoid using error Summer with lubricating oil as it is not as sticky as preferred - Hanking Lube
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Do note to avoid using error Summer with lubricating oil as it is not as sticky as preferred

Sorching summer, change garments according to the change of high viscosity lubricating oil has become one of the highlights of the general owners summer maintenance. Recently, however, the reporter found a strange phenomenon: due to a lack of understanding of the lubricating oil viscosity, partial owners seeking too much change extremely high viscosity of lubricating oil, and poured the oil out pro “hand” validation viscosity; Found after some owners replace lubricating oil hydraulic table is increased, but the membrane absorption sludge increased, power also dropped significantly.


Wanted to take good care car, have never thought actually increased the burden of car, let the car “burn out”. This makes a lot of car owners a mystery: what summer how to choose lubricating oil? The more viscous the better summer used lubricating oil?


Lubricating oil is not comes higher viscosity, the better

Lubricating oil viscosity on the normal operation of the engine is very important. In order to prevent the contact area between the engine moving parts wear and lubricating oil must have enough viscosity, so that the different operating temperatures can form the oil film between the movement of parts, so as to make the car engine running smoothly.


However, maintenance expert rong-fa wang tells a reporter, use the lubricant viscosity is too large, there are at least two levels. First, when the viscosity is too large is higher than the influence degree of engine starting, probably will lead to serious wear and tear of the engine is started. Due to the lubricating oil viscosity is too large, slow-moving, oil pressure is high, but lubricating oil through the amount is much, can’t timely added friction surface. Oil circulation speed is slow, the cooling and heat dissipation effect becomes poor, leading to the engine is overheating. By oil filter due to oil circulation speed is slow, the number of times is less, so difficult to chip will wear off in time at the end of the metal, carbon, dust cleaning out from the friction surface.


Use the lubricating oil viscosity is too large another drawback is that energy. Because the viscosity is too large, parts increases the friction between the friction surface, in order to overcome the friction, which increases the consumes more fuel, resulting in huge waste of energy. It is understood that at present abroad, low oil glue has become an international trend. At home, while no mandatory requirements in terms of lubricating oil and energy saving, it will be the future trend of the development of low adhesion.


Rong-fa wang warns broad owner, therefore, do not use the oil viscosity is too high, can’t even think that the greater the viscosity is better.


Summer how to correctly select viscosity level

Summer how to choose the right lubricant? Rong-fa wang suggested that under the condition of ensure the lubrication, when used according to the temperature range, the engine temperature and the actual cars, viscosity of lubricating oil are chosen as more as possible. The vehicle condition is good, wear small engine, you can choose the lubricating oil viscosity, and has more serious to wearing away, clearance has larger engine, can be appropriately choose larger viscosity lubricating oil.


In addition, because duty summer temperature difference is big, hydraulic table generally low in summer. But as long as is in the reasonable scope provided by the manufacturer on train operation manual, all belong to normal phenomenon, the general owners there is no need to panic. High or low, if the oil pressure gauge surreal than normal deviate too much or not in a reasonable scope, you will need to thoroughly check and see if what’s wrong with the engine, such as the sensor is broken, oil is blocked, and so on. Avoid by all means see low oil pressure gauge, is hard to choose high viscosity of lubricating oil.


In general, good oil with the increase of temperature, the change of the viscosity will be smooth, and not out quickly. Well-known brands, such as the Great Wall, shell, exxon mobil, although on the surface of “look” viscosity is not very high, but to use viscosity was very outstanding; While some brands on the surface of “look” very “sticky”, but not to use such, a strong contrast. Point of view, the general owners choose lubricating oil or brand recognition. General well-known lubricating oil manufacturers products relatively complete, the different levels of the lubricating oil viscosity for a variety of models to choose, as long as according to the normal use of used to selecting the appropriate level of quality and level of lubricating oil viscosity.