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Do you know how to choose the suitable oil? - Hanking Lube
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Do you know how to choose the suitable oil?

The oil is also known as lubricating oil. If the heart of a car is the automobile engine, then the engine lubricating oil is the “blood” of the car. With sufficient lubrication, it is able to cool, clean, seal, reduce friction within the engine. On the surface of the metal,a lot of friction is generated through the engine movements. The movement speed and poor environment will cause the working temperature to reach 400 ℃ to 600 ℃. Under such bad working conditions, only the appropriate oil can reduce the wear of the engine parts to prolong its service life.


Here are a few simple methods for the identification of engine oil authenticity.

  • Look at the oil seal packaging
    Regular brands have a sealing flap on a one-off lid with gaps that are foil-sealed.The manufacturers’ foils have a tight and special markers and the tin foil seal has a circle mark. Without these characteristics, the oil is most likely a counterfeit product. In addition, the regular brand oil in order to prevent counterfeit, label stickers, tank bottom, inside of the lid and handle inconspicuous place has the special mark. If criminals homemade packaging, as long as contrast can distinguish true and false two package.
  • Observe the oil color
    Normally, qualified oil has a light transparent color without any impurities, suspended solids, and sediments.Fake oil often is darker in color and may contain impurities or sediments, besides having less liquid sloshing around when shook.
  • Check the smell of the oil
    Certified oil almost has no sensitive or distinct smell as it has a light faint scent.Fake oil has an obvious disgusting smell.
  • Freezing the oil
    Add a little oil into a cup and then placeit in a refrigerator at around 15 ℃for 48 hours. After 48 hours, remove the oil to see any changes.Original certified oil will show good low temperature fluidity, transparency and no obvious color change at the same time. Fake oilwill usually be in a slight sticky and turbid state.
    Counterfeit inferior oil will cause the engine cylinderto become faulty, endangering vehicles and the safety of the driver and people around. Thus, be careful when buying oil and always go to certified stores to purchase them.Oil is oil, but is for the use of the car engine, TA is the “blood” of the person, what will happen if there is no blood, you can imagine how important TA for car.