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Lubrication and maintenance engineering mechanical transmission system

Engineering machinery, also known as construction machinery, is mainly used for construction engineering, road construction and maintenance, and flow-type lifting operations. All kinds of construction engineering mechanization are based on engineering machinery field operations. Poor weather conditions and geographical conditions will heavily damage work devices and moving mechanisms, hence, indicating the need for lubrication in the mechanical parts, especially the transmission system of construction machineries.

Construction machinery transmission system mainly includes the transfer case, gearbox, drive shaft, drive axle, gear reducer, vibrator, transmission gears, chains, and etc. Gear oil lubrication are mainly used for these parts. For engineering machineries , lubrication may be challenging due to the climate and geographical conditions of construction.

If the temperature is too high, it will cause the lubricant’s viscosity to decline, causing oil pressure to accelerate the oxidation of oil. This leads to poor oil quality. If the temperature is too low, the lubricant’s viscosity would increase, leading to difficulties for the oil to reachparts which need lubrication. Thus, the lubrication effect will beless effective. Larger amounts of dust in the air, higher level of oil impurities, and dusty and dirty mechanical surfaceswill increase the difficulty of lubrication work.

Thus, when lubricating the transmission system of construction machineries, we should pay attention to the following contents:

Check the oil level and conduct oil analysis on a regular basis
We need to understand the mechanical vehicle’s maintenance manual and adhere to the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance period, combined with the use of mechanical condition sample analysis, to determine the mechanical lubrication inspection cycle.

Lube oil level check needs to be done when the driving parts are not rotating (stop the parts from rotating to avoid oil spills as oil level testing will not be accurate this way.

Check the oil level by unscrewing the oil plug.Check whether there is oil or oil plug with oil to determine whether the oil level is achieved or not.
For lubricating oil sample analysis cycles, in general, it is better for the intervals of oil change period to be short. The maintenance manual stats that the requirement for transmission oil change is at intervals of 1000 hours. According to the operation condition of the engineering machinery,the oil sample analysis needs to be conducted every 500 hours to 750 hours to decide if there is a need for an oil change. The sample analysis results will help determine if the oil has been contaminated or deteriorated, and if there is any metal powder in the oil. This is in order todetermine whether the metamorphism of oil and the abrasion of mechanical parts has occurred or not.

Replace the gas and oil accurately
The suitable time interval in the replacement of lubricating oil can guarantee better lubrication of the transmission parts. Protecting these parts with lubrication will guarantee a longer working life for the transmission parts.
Also, check the oil level for any shortage.If an oil shortage is found, oil filler or hole filling should be added to the hole until the oil level is able to reach the limit of the scale.

When changing the oil,you need to discharge the oil. The oil’s temperature should reach 40-50 ℃. Should there be a case of disturbance in emission, this indicates that the oil is dirty and needs to be cleaned. Before lubricating oil discharge, the roller should be started first to warm the oil, so that the hotter oil will flow out faster, allowing the impurities in the machine to be drained more easily together with the oil mixture.

Lubricating oil black, isn't it has gone bad, the oil change?

Black oil does not mean that has been bad, now on the market sales of brand quality goods oil quality is quite high, will be able to maintain lubrication function under the condition of high temperature.


Generally speaking, after joining the new oil, oil sludge and carbon deposition in the parts such as sediment dispersion in the oil, after a certain period of time will lead to the oil color black.


Lubricating oil darkened, and the oil change?

Lubricating oil color black is realized the serious deterioration of oil, you’ll have to change. In fact this is just for not quiet dispersant of lubricating oil, but the modern automobile lubricating oil is generally used with quiet breaking agent. This quiet agent will adhere to in the film on the piston and black carbon deposit catharsis, and dispersed in the oil, thus reducing engine heat sediment formation, so the lubricating oil use after a period of time it’s easy to get the black color, but this does not mean that oil has been bad.


Often add lubricating oil without change?

Said just now, have a pure black lubricating oil decomposition agent is normal, need not change, but also can’t always just don’t change! Supplement not only change can only make up for the inadequacy of the oil quantity, but can’t completely to make up for the loss of the lubricating performance. The landlord should know, lubricating oil in use process, due to pollution, such as oxidation quality will be worse, at the same time there will be some consumption, reduce the number. In order to make, give full play to its performance of lubricating oil, use after a period of time still need to be replaced.


Sometimes the additives are very useful

Some friends think that adding additive in lubricating oil, can play a better role. Here, you can responsibly tell the building Lord, this understanding is wrong! Is really high quality lubricating oil have a variety of motor protection function of finished product, formula contains a variety of additives, including anti-wear agent, and the balance of lubricating oil is the most exquisite recipe to give full play to the performance of security.


Add oil to add?

Also some friends think that lubricating oil can add more, like add the will suffer less, to fill up every time. Oh ~ how so can’t open! Tell the original poster, lubricating oil amount should be controlled between oil feet of upper and lower scale line as well. Because too much oil will be into the combustion chamber from the clearance between the piston and cylinder combustion form carbon deposit.


Experienced teachers will pass the oil viscosity to judging whether need to change, rather than the observed oil color black, concludes that need to be replaced.

Diesel engine starting seven big taboo

One, avoid water tank without coolant or start to add


Join again after start engine cooling fluid, can make the hot cylinder liner, cylinder head and other important components caused by the sudden encounter cold cracking or deformation. Also, such as the cold snap in body to join 100 ℃ boiled water, can also induced crack cylinder head and the body. The correct method is: before starting the engine, must want to join the cooling fluid first, the choice of cooling fluid needs to refer to random carry the requirement in the operation and maintenance and maintenance manual “, it is prohibited to add tap water as the engine, warm water of life, etc. Kangkang recommend long-acting type coolant were selected.


Second, avoid is not in accordance with the provisions, oil supply

We should not be after the start or engine start, just put the decompression lever in oil supply, again after the location of the “work” should be before starting the engine would throttle lever on the location of the fuel supply. Not according to the instructions of the harm is: at startup, if we first step on the gas in oil supply, will cause the waste of fuel, and redundant diesel will scour the cylinder wall, make the deterioration of lubrication between the piston, piston ring and cylinder liner was exacerbated wear and tear, and the residual oil into the oil pan will be diluted oil lubrication effect, and the result in incomplete combustion of diesel will be too much in the cylinder form carbon deposition. The correct method is: first preheating engine, oil refueling door, to start again.


Three, avoid carts start

Engine in the case of a cold car engine oil sticky cart, exacerbate between each moving parts wear and tear, which would reduce the service life of diesel engine.


Fourth, avoid is not timely in lubricating oil, fuel oil

Use high quality engine oil, combined with the appropriate oil and oil filter replacement interval, is a key factor in maintaining engine performance and durability.

Dongfeng cummins engine must be used to meet CES 20078 standard of CH and above the level of high grade engine oil. Viscosity grade reference engine working environment temperature is chosen, most parts of China can choose SAE15W – 40.

Note: when choosing the oil, it is necessary to focus on two technical indicators: 1. The oil level, 2. Oil viscosity grade.

According to the level of the oil viscosity and recommend a table “engine models listed in the selection the oil level, according to the level of the oil viscosity and recommend a table” and environmental temperature range to choose oil viscosity grade. Only at the same time satisfy the oil level and viscosity grade of oil can be used on the corresponding engine.


Five, avoid direct adding oil cylinder

Although adding oil cylinder, can have the effect of sealing pressure raising temperature, easy cold machine to start the engine, but cannot complete combustion engine oil, easy to produce carbon, lessened the flexibility of piston ring and cylinder sealing performance degradation. In addition, will also accelerate the wear of cylinder liner, resulting in a decline in the power of the diesel engine, make it more difficult to start, so can’t directly to add oil cylinder.


Sixth, avoid long time continuous start

Starter on the diesel engine is under the condition of the low voltage, high current work, use for a long time will damage the battery even burning starter. The continuous start-up time can’t more than 15 seconds, a boot failure, should every 15 seconds later can start again.


Seven, don’t just start running at a high speed

Because in the cold state after the engine cold start, high oil viscosity, flow resistance is also big, makes the oil into the friction pair of time lag, engine parts have not been sufficient lubrication, engine gear and bearing lubrication bad caused damage, at the same time also contributed to the cylinder and bearing wear, serious when still can happen tile burning shaft.

Avoid using error Summer with lubricating oil not as sticky as possible

Sorching summer, change garments according to the change of high viscosity lubricating oil has become one of the highlights of the general owners summer maintenance. Recently, however, the reporter found a strange phenomenon: due to a lack of understanding of the lubricating oil viscosity, partial owners seeking too much change extremely high viscosity of lubricating oil, and poured the oil out pro “hand” validation viscosity; Found after some owners replace lubricating oil hydraulic table is increased, but the membrane absorption sludge increased, power also dropped significantly.


Wanted to take good care car, have never thought actually increased the burden of car, let the car “burn out”. This makes a lot of car owners a mystery: what summer how to choose lubricating oil? The more viscous the better summer used lubricating oil?


Lubricating oil is not comes higher viscosity, the better

Lubricating oil viscosity on the normal operation of the engine is very important. In order to prevent the contact area between the engine moving parts wear and lubricating oil must have enough viscosity, so that the different operating temperatures can form the oil film between the movement of parts, so as to make the car engine running smoothly.


However, maintenance expert rong-fa wang tells a reporter, use the lubricant viscosity is too large, there are at least two levels. First, when the viscosity is too large is higher than the influence degree of engine starting, probably will lead to serious wear and tear of the engine is started. Due to the lubricating oil viscosity is too large, slow-moving, oil pressure is high, but lubricating oil through the amount is much, can’t timely added friction surface. Oil circulation speed is slow, the cooling and heat dissipation effect becomes poor, leading to the engine is overheating. By oil filter due to oil circulation speed is slow, the number of times is less, so difficult to chip will wear off in time at the end of the metal, carbon, dust cleaning out from the friction surface.


Use the lubricating oil viscosity is too large another drawback is that energy. Because the viscosity is too large, parts increases the friction between the friction surface, in order to overcome the friction, which increases the consumes more fuel, resulting in huge waste of energy. It is understood that at present abroad, low oil glue has become an international trend. At home, while no mandatory requirements in terms of lubricating oil and energy saving, it will be the future trend of the development of low adhesion.


Rong-fa wang warns broad owner, therefore, do not use the oil viscosity is too high, can’t even think that the greater the viscosity is better.


Summer how to correctly select viscosity level

Summer how to choose the right lubricant? Rong-fa wang suggested that under the condition of ensure the lubrication, when used according to the temperature range, the engine temperature and the actual cars, viscosity of lubricating oil are chosen as more as possible. The vehicle condition is good, wear small engine, you can choose the lubricating oil viscosity, and has more serious to wearing away, clearance has larger engine, can be appropriately choose larger viscosity lubricating oil.


In addition, because duty summer temperature difference is big, hydraulic table generally low in summer. But as long as is in the reasonable scope provided by the manufacturer on train operation manual, all belong to normal phenomenon, the general owners there is no need to panic. High or low, if the oil pressure gauge surreal than normal deviate too much or not in a reasonable scope, you will need to thoroughly check and see if what’s wrong with the engine, such as the sensor is broken, oil is blocked, and so on. Avoid by all means see low oil pressure gauge, is hard to choose high viscosity of lubricating oil.


In general, good oil with the increase of temperature, the change of the viscosity will be smooth, and not out quickly. Well-known brands, such as the Great Wall, shell, exxon mobil, although on the surface of “look” viscosity is not very high, but to use viscosity was very outstanding; While some brands on the surface of “look” very “sticky”, but not to use such, a strong contrast. Point of view, the general owners choose lubricating oil or brand recognition. General well-known lubricating oil manufacturers products relatively complete, the different levels of the lubricating oil viscosity for a variety of models to choose, as long as according to the normal use of used to selecting the appropriate level of quality and level of lubricating oil viscosity.

Industry News

The anti-wear hydraulic oil in the process of using the cause of the high temper

Anti-wear hydraulic oil for the performance of the work of the hydraulic system is very big, engineering machinery hydraulic oil temperature control often between 30 to 55 ℃. The oil viscosity, lubrication at this time


And wear resistance are in the best state, system transfer efficiency is highest.


When the oil temperature over 65 ℃, the oil viscosity is decreased obviously, leak, the oil film is for sliding parts

Damage, causes the loss of hydraulic component increases, thus increasing the speed of the oil temperature rise.


When the oil temperature is above 80 ℃, due to the different thermal expansion coefficient, hydraulic components of relative motion

Clearance between components and the running status changes will occur. Clearance, oil leakage is aggravating; Decrease of clearance, the components may occur between “stuck” phenomenon, make it can’t

Movement, will cause the thermal deformation of machine, destroyed the original precision. To prevent the anti-wear hydraulic oil temperature is too high, therefore, is an important part of the use and maintenance of hydraulic system.


1, hydraulic system design is unreasonable, fuel tank of the cooling area is not enough to disperse system, by the heat. If big manufacturer of machine, this can be ignored.


2, hydraulic pump, motor, cylinder, valve in hydraulic components such as leakage, causing fever, causing the system temperature rise.


3, jam or no open water cooling system, air cooling



1. cleaning the radiator on a regular basis

Engineering machinery operation environment is poor, dust, radiator surface adsorption dust, oil etc. Will seriously affect the radiator cooling effect. Should be regularly to cleaning of radiator, to go

In addition to dirt, keep the good heat dissipation performance.


2. A reasonable choice of hydraulic oil

Should be according to the manufacturers recommended brand and machine work environment, the temperature factor to choose hydraulic oil. For some special requirement of machine, should choose special hydraulic oil. In the north

Winter, had better choose low condensate hydraulic oil. When the hydraulic components and system maintenance inconvenience, should choose anti-wear hydraulic oil.

Hydraulic oil using imported high quality base oil and additives, has excellent antirust effect, can satisfy the need of rust between the various processes, and can be widely used in industry, shipping and portable equipment such as high pressure hydraulic and mechanical transmission system of lubrication

Diesel engine oil metamorphism five reasons

Diesel engine oil metamorphism in the daily is a very common fault, but if not timely found that affect the use of diesel engine, lead to not work properly. So small make up according to many years of experience in diesel engine repair summary for you “diesel engine oil metamorphism five reasons:


Diesel engine oil metamorphism analysis:

Under normal use, due to the oil in diesel engine oil pan is exposed to air is heated, so will gradually be oxidation. As the acid in oil, gelatin, iron filings, asphaltene increased slowly, the oil’s color turned black, viscosity decreased gradually, thus the oil change period, a new oil should be replaced. Due to the exchange world oil phase, there is no unified regulation, so choose what brand of lubricating oil, when to change, how change should comply with the provisions of the manufacturer. For engineering mechanical diesel engine, the practice shows that the oil continuous use time in more than 400 h, the replacement of a new oil as well.


If sometimes oil change soon, oil quick deterioration, color change from blue to yellow, or black, first after suddenly became gray. It is because the infiltration of moisture in the oil, the oil pan of oil into the water, due to the vibration of the diesel engine, the moving parts of stirring and other factors, such as fever, oil and water together and become yellow or gray, substantially reducing the engine oil lubrication ability.


Oil in water, can promote the formation of oil sludge, accelerate the oil metamorphism. Also depress the antioxidant properties of the additives and dispersion performance, promote the formation of bubbles, causing emulsification, destroyed the oil film. Practice has proved that when the moisture content of 1%, part wear rate increased by 2.5 times.


Diesel engine oil metamorphism 5 cause analysis:

1. The diesel oil mixed with water, the oil brand use undeserved, can also lead to diesel oil used in the early metamorphism. So when choose, can replace the low grade oil with high grade product.


2. Poor crankcase oil cooling with air permeability is between piston and cylinder piston ring with seal, but diesel engine work, always hard to avoid can have some burning gases into the crankcase. If the piston ring serious wear and tear, this phenomenon is more serious. As a result, the gas pressure inside the crankcase rises namely, if the pressure is higher than the outside air pressure inside the crankcase, which is on the piston have certain resistance, and can make the oil from the oil pan and leakage of cylinder block attaches to the outside. In addition, because carbon dioxide is contained in gas leaking into the crankcase, can make the oil deterioration. To prevent the occurrence of the above situation, only make the gas inside the crankcase pressure equals the atmospheric pressure with the outside world. Mount ventilation tube (also called straw), can make the crankcase internal and external pressure in a state of equality.


The survey found that some use personnel insufficient understanding of the importance of the crankcase ventilation.


In a 4135 diesel engine as an example, after the lost oil flap, with cotton yarn, cloth jams, or for fear of the crankcase into ashes, encase with plastic sheeting oil filler, bound to lead to the results from the cylinder, piston, piston ring an escape of gas channeling crankcase cannot eduction, as to make the oil in the short term the oxidation.


3. The leakage of installed oil filter sealing washer in a 4125 diesel engine as an example, oil coarse filter sealing washer, is to prevent the oil is not filtered, directly into the oil rate. Its location should be between inside, outside the filter, and the filter top notch filter outside the bottom orifice outside and inside. If the ring packing, that will cause oil dirty off quickly.


4. Maintain undeserved in the process of cleaning crank case, if the oil filter and oil cooler cleaning is not thorough, the diesel engine after adding new oil, even with only a few hours will become dirty and dark. In addition, if the oil filter filter clogging or damaged and not in time to clean or replace, will also make oil deterioration due to filtration ability weakened.


Practice has proved that in front of the oil changes with a bottle of the Winchester chemical fuel company specializing in the preparation of its oil cleaning tackifier, make a thorough cleaning and maintenance for diesel engine. And then a bottle of wing is added to the new oil in the oil to strengthen additive, will be made good use effect.


5. Use the method error in the process of diesel engine operation, if the machine such as high temperature regularly or often overload operation, oil will be prompted for the oil temperature is too high and the oxidation. In addition, if the diesel engine oil in dusty place and work, also easily lead to more and more dust into the oil from the air

Common Problem

Choose the right oil for car maintenance costco no longer ``grinding``

September will enter the second half of the car-buying boom, a car may be a moment of decision, car ownership is a long-term project. For the new owners will have the first car, are you ready to car maintenance?


Dr Mobil embellish to tell you that new car maintenance have to know two or three things.


At the beginning of the new car drove 5000 km or so often called persevered to just buy a new car, home period is an important and special process: the car in the power system for each part of the metal contact surface micro also uneven or have burrs, parts fit clearance is not uniform, at this stage, will wear off small bump on parts, let all the moving parts fit clearance more closely, more smooth movement.


The role of oil >?

During the course of the new car running in oil anti-wear requirements is very high, because with the engine internal clearance, are less likely to form a smooth lubricating oil film, resulting in some areas lack of lubrication, causing wear and may even cause tile burning, cylinder and other serious consequences.


> how to choose the oil?

During the running-in oil generally choose the oil with low viscosity, and requires excellent abrasion resistance. Smaller viscosity oil has better liquidity and clean, can be more effective with the help of the heat dissipation, and take away the running-in of fine particles.

Abrasion resistance When friction between metal, lubricating oil’s ability to avoid wear metal for contact and, better abrasion resistance to help the engine “smooth” period.


Small Tips: Dr Mobil embellish Suggestions according to the user manual, at the beginning of the new car drove the 2000-3000 km for the first time to do maintenance, oil change.

Vehicle maintenance and season also. September is about to fall, but still some cities’ remaining that did not disappear, in the face of change garments according to the season, the novice small white also want to get well prepared.


The role of oil >?

First engine is under the environment of high temperature all the year round, summer heat, has brought the engine and engine oil are even more of a challenge. High temperature can make oil oxidation stability, increase its thermal decomposition and oxidation and polymerization.

At the same time, the summer dry dust or moisture in the air the moisture in the air will be through the air intake system and the crankcase vent into the engine oil pan, these pollutants and oxide combination, easy to form sludge in oil, lubricating oil metamorphism. So, in order to better protect the engine, the oil itself, high temperature resistant performance is very important.


how to choose the oil?

Now many of the basic models used in the oil products are the four seasons general oil, usually private cars do not need special viscosity. But in view of the city climate is different, can consider summer replacement 40 viscosity, viscosity of winter use 30 products, facilitate the vehicle in different temperature environment to provide better protection.

Mobil embellish Dr Small Tips: at present the stop-and-go vehicle city, idle, insufficient engine fuel combustion in cylinder, the engine oil sludge and carbon deposition. Especially in the summer of car, it is suggested that can shorten the cycle of oil change appropriately.

There is also always want to change new car “old” one day, then in view of the old car maintenance strategy adjustment and how to do?


The role of oil >?

As the growth of the age of car, need to consider their driving habits, and over the use of the car performance requirements to adjust oil product. High viscosity oil can give engine parts more protection, suitable for high temperature for a long time operation of the engine, fill the engine for long run bigger gap. The low viscosity oil may be more fuel-efficient, engine speed increase faster, accelerating sensitive.

how to choose the oil?

Considering the engine wear normal consumption, mating surface gap get bigger, the use of oil viscosity, should also be as the growth of the old and slow. Generally within 50000 kilometers of car it is recommended to use relatively thin oil, after 50000 km, increase the viscosity of engine oil slowly, so the engine is also one of the most appropriate protection.

Do you know how to choose the oil?

The oil also known as lubricating oil. As is known to all, is the heart of the automobile engine, the engine lubricating oil is the “blood” of the car, with lubrication, cooling and cleaning, seal, antifriction, and so on. On the surface of the metal that there are many mutual friction in the engine movement, these parts movement speed, poor environment, working temperature can reach 400 ℃ to 600 ℃. Under such bad working conditions, only qualified oil can reduce the wear of engine parts, reduce the fault, prolong service life.

Here are a few simple method for the identification of engine oil authenticity.


The first recruit: look at the oil seal packing

Regular brand oil sealing flap is a one-off lid, gaps are sealed foil, foil on both manufacturers have a tight, special markers and tin foil seal has a circle mark. Without these characteristics, the oil is likely to be false. In addition, the regular brand oil in order to prevent counterfeit, label stickers, tank bottom, inside of the lid and handle inconspicuous place has the special mark. If criminals homemade packaging, as long as contrast can distinguish true and false two package.


The second recruit: the oil color

Normal qualified oil general color light transparent, without impurities, suspended solids, sediment, shaking when liquidity is good. And fake oil oil often darker color, there may be impurities or sediment, less liquid sloshing.


Three recruit: the smell of the oil

Formal qualified oil almost no sensitive special flavor, similar to a light faint scent. And fake oil has obvious irritating smell.


The fourth recruit: freezing oil

Add a little oil into the cup, and then put in about 15 ℃ refrigerator frozen 48 hours. After 48 hours to remove the oil, then formal qualified oil will show a good low temperature fluidity, transparency and color no obvious change at the same time. While the fake oil there will be a slight sticky and turbid state.


Counterfeit inferior oil will cause the engine cylinder, tile burning, also easy to cause sudden fault, endanger vehicles and security of person. So, be careful when buying oil identify true bogus, go to regular stores to buy as much as possible.

Car oil composition and function of blood

Oil is oil, but is for the use of the car engine, TA is the “blood” of the person, what will happen if there is no blood, you can imagine how important TA for car.


The oil composition

The composition of the oil can be divided into two main parts “base oil” and “additive”. Base oil is the main ingredient, determines the basic properties of oil, food additives, make up and improve base oil performance of shortage, give some new properties.


Base oil is divided into two categories, “mineral base oil” “synthetic base oil. Mineral base oil is made from crude oil, the mineral base oil with ester or poly alkene to replace, is a synthetic base oil. If the base oil esters or polyene class to replace completely, is a fully synthetic engine oil; If only partial, it is half a synthetic engine oil. Mineral base oil is most widely used, in addition to vegetable and animal (because of few production reason).


The role of engine oil to engine

Lubricated antifriction engine contains many mutual friction movement of the metal surface, between the piston and cylinder, between shaft and bearing, to prevent parts wear too fast, you will need to make the oil film between two surfaces, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing wear and tear.


Cooling oil to heat back into the sump, then send out to help tank engine cooling in the air.


The oil seal leakage protection can form a seal between the piston and piston ring, to reduce the leakage of the gas and prevent pollutants enter from the outside.


Rust corrosion protective lubricant can adsorption in the surface of the parts to prevent air, water, acid and harmful gas contact with the parts.


Shock absorption when the engine cylinder pressure rise sharply, sudden intensification piston, piston, connecting rod and crankshaft bearing load is very large, after bearing lubrication, the load to bear impact load have the effect of the buffer.


Wash clean good oil to engine parts of carbide, sludge, wear and tear on the metal particles, back to the machine fuel tank, through the flow of the lubricating oil, wash the parts of dirt on the working plane.


Understanding erroneous zone

Oil darkened the oil change this kind of understanding is not comprehensive. For quiet dispersant without oil, the color black is oil has seriously deteriorated performance, but now the automobile lubricating oil is generally used with quiet breaking agent. This quiet agent can be adhesive film on the piston, and black carbon deposit catharsis, and dispersed in oil, reduce the generation of high temperature and sediment engine, oil use after a period of time it’s easy to get the black color, but at this time of the oil has not completely bad.


Oil could add more quantity of lubricating oil should be controlled between oil feet of upper and lower scale line as well. Because too much oil from the clearance between the piston and cylinder, burning into the combustion chamber carbon deposit. These carbon deposit will improve the engine compression ratio, increase the tendency to produce detonation. Formation within the cylinder is also easy to cause preignition red status, such as falling into a cylinder will aggravate wear of cylinder and piston, will also accelerate lubricating oil pollution. Secondly, excessive oil increased the crankshaft connecting rod agitation resistance, increased fuel consumption. (some businesses may lobby for the owner to add too much oil, thereby increasing fee, you don’t fall for it.)


Oil is not only add supplement not only change can only make up for the inadequacy of the oil quantity, but can’t completely to make up for the loss of the lubricating performance. Lubricating oil in use process, due to pollution, such as oxidation quality will gradually decline, at the same time there will be some consumption, reduce the number.


How often do the oil change one more time

New car before TuoBao in 4 s shop and maintenance, just need to be carried out in accordance with the maintenance cycle of manual annotation maintenance line, generally is one in 5000 km or half a year. Here generally refers to the often driving on the highway, rarely stops. If driving in the city, because of the traffic lights, traffic jam, etc., causing frequent stop-start vehicles, which leads to appear a lot of carbon in the engine, recommended to shorten the maintenance period. (but first confirmed can recommend some ahead of schedule, because the first confirmed before, is the period of engine, there will be more mechanical debris.)


Different kinds of oil, maintenance cycle is different also, mineral oil, synthetic oil, synthetic oil, these three kind of oil change cycle also each are not identical.


Another extreme climate conditions will also reduce the service life of engine oil, like a drive in the dust, sand and gravel road, a lot of dust can cause oil oil filtration congestion and pollution. Or in driving the temperature below 20 ℃ – region, too low will cause the temperature of the oil deterioration, thus greatly shorten the service life of engine oil.


True and false identification

See packaging, brand oil seal cover is a one-off lid, gaps are sealed foil, foil on both manufacturer special markers, famous brand oil to prevent counterfeit, the label stickers, tank bottom, inside of the lid, inconspicuous place all have special markers, such as handle without these characteristics, the oil is likely to be false.


Observe oil, true oil color shallow transparent, without impurities, no suspension, no sediment, shaking when liquidity is good. False oil or oil color is deeper, or impurity sediment, or a strong stimulating, shaking when liquidity is poorer, or use the hand drawing phenomenon.


Fake products has a variety of ways: by recycling the waste oil after dealing with the filling, the pure base oil mix, do not add any additives, buy cheap oil filling, shoddy, generally will be the color of the false oil to oil and true.

Lubricating oil heated competition in the industry A strong rise of domestic bra

China JingJiWang Beijing, June 14 (reporter Li Shugui) on one side is growing car market, bring huge business opportunities for lubricating oil industry; Side is the industry of environmental protection to upgrade for lubricating oil industry high standards and new requirements are put forward. As part of the car after market, lubricating oil market has become the world’s consumption hot spots in the recent ten years. As consumer demand and the upgrading of energy conservation and environmental protection, China’s oil industry will be gradually maturing, enterprises will also be from extensive to intensive, set up the brand to upsurge. ”


Public data shows that by the end of 2015, China’s 279 million units, of which 172 million cars. “2016 China’s auto industry trends report after the market forecast, 2016 years after the car market will still grow situation, sales is expected to reach 967.56 billion yuan. As an important part of the car after market, China’s lube oil market is undoubtedly the big cake, is enough to arouse the enthusiasm of enterprises.


At present, during the spring and autumn are divided into exhibition of China international exhibition has become the vane of China’s lubricant industry and lubricating oil barometer, autumn fair this year, the eighth China (chongqing) international lubricating oil, grease, maintenance supplies and technical equipment exhibition will be held on September 8 to 10, held in chongqing nanping convention and exhibition center, the current registration enterprise has reached about 100, special decoration enterprise registration number increased 300%. Organizers of the Beijing the tripod with two handles becomes the win international exhibition co., LTD., general manager, said, in the aspect of green, energy saving, low carbon of kung fu, is the path to the future development of oil industry. In march of this year held in shenyang China international oil spring exhibition, the exhibition attracted a total from China, the United States, Britain and other countries and regions, nearly 300 companies and professionals, a 40% increase over last year, the volume of more than 100 million yuan, to inject more vigor lubricating oil market in China.


Lubricating oil market experts also said that in 2015 China’s lube oil market demand of about 5.1 million tons, dropped more than 10% from 2014, a drop of nearly 25% over 2010. Meanwhile, with the strength of the domestic brands rise, the price pressure very low small brands pouring in, lubricating oil market competition heats up, the original market competition pattern is changing.