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Seven DON’TS when starting a diesel engine - Hanking Lube
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Seven DON’TS when starting a diesel engine

Avoid filling water tank without coolant
Join again after starting engine cooling fluid, which can make the hot cylinder liner, cylinder head and other important components caused by the sudden encounter cold cracking or deformation. Also, such as the cold snap in body to join 100 ℃ boiled water, can also induced crack cylinder head and the body. The correct method is before starting the engine, the cooling fluid must be added first, although the choice of cooling fluid depends on the requirements in the operation and maintenance manual.It is prohibited to add tap water as the coolant in the engine.


Avoidance is not in accordance with the provisions oil supply
After the engine has started, just put the decompression lever in the oil supply, again after the location of the “work” should be before starting the engine would throttle lever on the location of the fuel supply. Not following the instructions will bring dire consequences.If we start with gas in the oil supply, it will cause the wastage of fueland redundant diesel will scour the cylinder wall, causing deterioration of lubrication between the piston, piston ring, and cylinder liner. The parts will become worn out and the residual oil into the oil tank will be diluted with the lubricant. This results in the incomplete combustion of dieselin the cylinder,which causes carbon deposition. The correct method is to preheat the engine, oil refueling door, and to start again.


Avoid carts start.
Engine in the case of a cold car engine oil sticky cart, exacerbate between each moving parts wear and tear, which would reduce the service life of diesel engine.


Avoid not lubricating in time
Use high quality engine oil, combined with the appropriate oil and oil filter replacement at regular intervals to maintain engine performance and durability.
Cummins engine must be used to meet CES 20078 standard of CH and above the level of high grade engine oil. Viscosity grade reference engine working environment temperature is chosen, most parts can choose SAE 15W – 40.

Note: when choosing the oil, it is necessary to focus on two technical indicators:

  • The oil level
  • Oil viscosity grade

According to the level of the oil viscosity and recommended table of “engine models listed in the selection of oil level, according to the level of the oil viscosity and recommend a table” and environmental temperature range to choose oil viscosity grade. Only at the same time satisfy the oil level and viscosity grade of oil can be used on the corresponding engine.
Avoid adding oil directly into the cylinder.

Although adding oil in the cylinder can have the effect of sealing pressure raising temperature, easy cold machine to start the engine, but cannot complete combustion engine oil, easy to produce carbon, lessened the flexibility of piston ring and cylinder sealing performance degradation. In addition, it will also accelerate the wear of cylinder lining, resulting in a decline in the power of the diesel engine, This will make it more difficult to startup, hence it is not suitable to directly add oil into the cylinder.


Avoid prolonged use of engine.
The starter on a diesel engine works under low voltage. If it is used in a high current work, prolonged usage will damage the battery or even burn the starter. The continuous start-up time should not be more than 15 seconds. If the engine fails to startup, wait for 15 seconds and try again.


Avoid letting the engine run at a high speed.
This is because in the cold state after starting the engine, high oil viscosity and big flow resistance makes the oil into the friction pair of time lag, engine parts have not been sufficient lubrication, engine gear and bearing bad lubrication caused damage, at the same time also contribute to the cylinder and bearing wear, and if serious leads to tile burning shaft.
Do note to avoid using error Summer with lubricating oil as it is not as sticky as preferred.