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The usage of anti-wear hydraulic oil is the cause of the high temperature in engines - Hanking Lube
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The usage of anti-wear hydraulic oil is the cause of the high temperature in engines

Anti-wear hydraulic oil for the performance of the work of the hydraulic system is very big, engineering machinery hydraulic oil temperature control often between 30 to 55 ℃. The oil viscosity, lubrication happens at this time.

When resistance are in the best state, system transfer efficiency is the highest.

When the oil temperature is over 65 ℃, the oil viscosity will decrease ,leading to leakage. The oil film is for sliding parts.

Damage, causes the loss of hydraulic component to increases, thus increasing the speed of the oil temperature.

When the oil temperature is above 80 ℃, due to the different thermal expansion coefficient, hydraulic components of relative motion.

Clearance between components and the running status changes will occur. Clearance, oil leakage is aggravating. Decrease of clearance, the components may occur between “stuck” phenomenon, make it impossible.

Movement will cause the thermal deformation of the machine, destroying its original performance. Therefore, it is important to carry out the maintenance of the hydraulic system to prevent the anti-wear hydraulic oil temperature from being too high.

  1. Hydraulic system design is unreasonable, fuel tank of the cooling area is not enough to disperse system, by the heat. If for big manufacturer of machine, this can be ignored.
  2. Hydraulic pump, motor, cylinder, valve in hydraulic components such as leakage, causing fever, causing the system temperature to rise.
  3. Jam or no open water cooling system, air cooling



  1. Clean the radiator on a regular basis
    The engineering machinery operation environment is poor as it is dirty and dusty. The radiator surface is easily exposed to oil, dust, etc. This will seriously affect the radiator’s cooling effect. So, there should be a regular cleanup of the radiator. Besides removing dirt, keeping the radiator clean will maintain a good heat dissipation performance.
  2. A reasonable choice of hydraulic oil
    The type of hydraulic oil used should be according to the manufacturer’s recommended brand and the workplace environmentsuch as the surrounding temperature.During winter, it is better to choose low condensate hydraulic oil. When the hydraulic components and system maintenance is inconvenient, choose the anti-wear hydraulic oil.

    Hydraulic oil which uses imported high quality base oil and additives, has excellent antirust effect, can satisfy the need of rust between the various processes, and can be widely used in industry, shipping and portable equipment such as high pressure hydraulic and mechanical transmission system of lubrication.